Here's a sneak peak of some of our footage from the road. We are constantly gathering and editing new content so keep an eye out for new videos! 

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Our latest videos

We absolutely loved our time in Nicaragua and Panama and more importantly we loved the people we met. Check out this video of our adventures and some wonderful people using business to make the world a better place - featuring Bastin from Manos Unidas, Blue from Big Sky Ranch Nicargua, and Sebastian Mendoza, who is helping to put Panama on the map as a global destination for entrepreneurs.
Interviews with three inspirational women using business as a force for good in Medellin and Bogota, Colombia. These are just a few of the incredible people we met on our nine month journey from Alaska to Argentina who are using business to make the world a better place.
Watch footage from our adventures in Guatemala where we met some of the countries most inspiring entrepreneurs and investors using business to solve the most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Our latest vlog from Mexico featuring some of Mexico City's most remarkable entrepreneurs, mentors and investors - including Impact Hub, Collective Academy and Ignia. We also managed to find time to sample some of the country's famous street food, and get involved in Dia de Los Muertos celebrations - check out the vlog for sneak peeks!

Inspiring words of wisdom from some of the great entrepreneurs, mentors and investors we met whilst we were in San Francisco. They included SOCAP, Toniic, GSBI, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, SCU, Re-EnvisionED and Universal Giving. With thanks to those who took part and to Impact Hub San Francisco for hosting us.

Hyperloop is a near supersonic, energy efficient form of tube travel between cities. We met Bibop G Gresta - Chairman and Co-Founder of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and his team in Los Angeles, USA. Many thanks to Bibop and the team for hosting us! 

We have had a lot of friends asking to see more of the behind the scenes part of our journey, so we have put together a short video of what we've been up to outside our interviews with entrepreneurs in Canada and North America.

We have been carrying a CleanSpace Tag with us on our journey from Alaska to Argentina. Having just been to their new office in Mexico City we thought this would be a good opportunity to tell the world a bit more about the CleanSpace Tag with help from Lord Drayson himself.

Interviews and footage from inspiring entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors in Seattle and Portland. Including an insight from Hatch Enterprise who pioneered legislative change to enable crowd sourced investment in local companies. 

An insight into the views of some of Vancouver's most inspiring social entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. The second stage of our 22,000 mile journey to find and share stories of people using business as a force for good. 

Interviews and footage from Social Entrepreneurs in Alaska. The first stage of our 22,000 mile journey to find and share stories of people using business as a force for good.